United States District Court, Central District of California


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Clerk's Office ServicesVideoconferencing 07/16/2007



Videoconferencing equipment may be reserved for court meetings by contacting:

Western Division: Space & Facilities Help Desk at 213-894-1400
Southern Division: Procurement Section at 714-338-4785
Eastern Division: IT Help Desk at 951-328-4406

All reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and should be made as early as possible.

To reserve videoconferencing equipment for use in the courtroom, counsel should notify the judge’s courtroom deputy clerk. Counsel will incur telephone charges (currently $35 an hour), but no equipment charge, for use of the videoconferencing unit. CRDs should make these arrangements with the Space & Facilities Help Desk at 213-894-1400.

Counsel should make sure their equipment is compatible with the court’s equipment: PictureTel Concord 4500. In the event more than one videoconferencing location is to be utilized, the Space & Facilities Help Desk will arrange for a “bridge” number reservation (which will incur an additional telephone charge).

The equipment will be moved to the courtroom the afternoon before the broadcast to ensure proper connections, and counsel will be asked to participate in the equipment test and given further calling instructions at that time.