United States District Court, Central District of California


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Clerk's Office ServicesElectronic Evidence Presenter - Reserving the Equipment 03/18/2010



Due to the high demand for the visual presenter equipment, the clerk's office has prepared the following guidelines for Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter reservations.
  • Reservations for the Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter should be made one week to three weeks in advance of its use, but no later than three days before its use. To reserve the equipment, contact the IT department at appropriate number listed below:
    • Western Division - IT Department, (213) 894-3061;
    • Southern Division - there is no need to make a reservation as each courtroom is equipped with Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter;
    • Eastern Division - there is no need to make a reservation as each courtroom is equipped with Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter.

  • The Western Division request that attorneys fax a letter confirming a telephonic Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter reservation. The fax number is:
    • Western Division: (213) 894-3105
  • When reserving the Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter, be prepared to give the following information:
  1. your name, address, and telephone number;
  2. the case name and number;
  3. the location of the trial;
  4. the start date and time of the trial; and
  5. the number of days the equipment will be needed.
Should any of the above information change, immediately contact the appropriate reservationist. If the trial is continued, it will be necessary to re-reserve the equipment. Because of the many requests to use the Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter at trial, the equipment is not available for law and motion hearings unless ordered or approved by the court prior to the hearing. Should approval be granted, please contact the appropriate reservationist no later than three days before its scheduled use.
  • Please be advised that making a reservation for the Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter does not guarantee that it will be available on the date and time requested. However, once you do take possession of the Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter, you are guaranteed its use for the entire time for which it was reserved. If it appears during the trial that the equipment will be required beyond the length of time for which it was reserved, as a courtesy to the Court, the appropriate IT department should be made aware of the additional time required. Always contact the appropriate IT department two days before your court date to confirm the availability or non-availability of the Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter.
  • There is no charge for the use of the equipment. However, should any of the equipment be damaged during its use, the person who reserved the equipment may be charged for its repair or replacement. Should the Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter be damaged or fail to work, please contact the appropriate reservationist immediately.
  • The Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter equipment will be delivered to the courtroom by IT staff during the Court's office hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on the first day for which the equipment was reserved. Please be aware that set-up time for the equipment is approximately one hour. The individual requesting the equipment must check with the particular courtroom deputy for specific installation preferences of the judge (i.e., after jury selection, before jury selection, etc.) This information must then be reported to the appropriate reservationist.
  • Training on use of the Electronic Evidence (Visual) Presenter is available one week prior to trial and will be conducted in the courtroom if available. If the courtroom is not available, IT department will conduct the training in another courtroom. If requested, a twenty minute training session will be conducted by the IT department on the equipment's use by the IT department. Reservations for use of the room and equipment, as well as the training session, should be made as soon as possible and are on a first come, first served basis. The training room and equipment are reserved in two hour increments.
  • For the Spring Street Courthouse only: All attorneys are welcome to the training room, equipment, and training session in the Spring Street Courthouse. To make reservations, contact the reservationist for the Western Division at (213) 894-3061.