Local Roster of Interpreters

Interpreters Local Roster
Local Roster of Interpreters
Disclaimer: Please note that the certification levels indicated for each interpreter are self-reported, except in the case of AO-certified interpreters. Users should verify an interpreter’s credentials as needed. For an interpreter to remain visible on the court's local roster, the interpreter must have a clear fingerprint-based FBI check every two years.

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Balke, EmiliaBulgarian818 438-6584 ebalke@language-web.netYes(R)'18Professionally Qualified (State Department Seminar Interpreter) & CA registered
Behar, Mary LeeRomanian310-309-9556mbehar@gmail.comYes(R) RTECA registered (Romanian)
Bension-Larkin, MarianaSpanish(310) 650-2410mariana.bension@yahoo.comYes(R)'2022-2023AOUSC & CA certified
Bertrand, BessildaTagalog951-723-7474bessbertrand@yahoo.comYes(R)RTELanguage Skilled
Biswas, JanetBengali626-390-1256janet.biswas2@gmail.comYesLanguage Skilled
Bonatti-Harabin, AlessandraFrench
310-497-9595 bonatti.alessandra@gmail.comYes(R)'2020Spanish (AOUSC & CA certified) French and Italian (Professionally Qualified--State Department Conference Interpreter)
Borghi, KaterinaSpanish650-518-9122katborghi@gmail.comYes(R)'2022-2023lives in OC; AOUSC Certified
Boshyan, LiliyaArmenian
714-350-5738lilyboshyan@yahoo.com, lboshyan@gmail.comYes(R) RTEEastern Armenian (CA certified) Russian (CA certified)
Bshai, Karam Anis AwadArabic714-737-1027karamguide@yahoo.comYes(R)'18Arabic (Language Skilled);
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Found 180 items.

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