All Opinions and Orders

All Opinions and Orders

The opinions and orders posted below are those which have been deemed noteworthy by the individual judges presiding over the cases in which they were issued.

The Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees prohibits court employees from commenting publicly on the merits of actions pending before the Court. Accordingly, please do not contact Court staff regarding the opinions and orders posted below.

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SA CV 04-0358 DOC (PJWx)Standfacts Credit Services, Inc., et al. vs. Experian Information Solutions, Inc., et al.- Order Granting Defendants Equifax and Trans Union’s Motion to Dismiss ...12/06/2005
CV 99-2829 AHM (CWx)John Garamendi vs. Altus Finance S.A., et al. - Fed. R. Civ. P. 52 Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law Re Restitution11/21/2005
CV 05-6586 R(MANx)Tatyana Levina vs. San Luis Coastal Unified School District - Order Granting Motion to Disqualify District Judge11/06/2005
CV 05-05089 DDP (RZx)AtGames Holdings Ltd. vs. Radica Games Ltd., et al. - Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion to Remand10/20/2005
EDCV 04-878RT (SGLx)Infrastructure Service Company, LLC f/k/a Ocean Atlantic Development , LLC v. John Firestone, Hub Management, et al. - Order (1) Denying Plaintiff...08/08/2005
CV 98-1971 ABC (RCx)
CV 03-6107 ABC (RCx)
Humanitarian Law Project, et al. v. Alberto Gonzales, et al. - Order Granting Plaintiffs' Motion for Mistrial and Attorney's Fees08/02/2005
CV 02-2929 FMC (Rzx)The Estate of Christopher G.L. Wallace, et al. vs. City of Los Angeles - Order Granting Plaintiffs' Motion for Mistrial and Attorney's Fees07/07/2005
SA CV 04-1042-GLT (MLGx)Arthur Smelt, et al., v. County of Orange, et al., - Order on Cross-motions for Summary Judgment; Judgment06/16/2005
SA CV 05-302 AHS (ANx)Samuel A. Berry v. American Express Publishing, Corporation, et al., - Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion for Remand06/16/2005
CV 04-0687 GHK (SSx)State of California, ex rel. Bill Lockyer v. Safeway, Inc. et al. - Memorandum & Order Re: Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment05/27/2005
CV 99-2829 AHM (CWx)John Garamendi v. Altus Finance S.A., et al. - Civil Minutes - General05/23/2005
CR 03-1219 AHMUnited States of America V. David F. Rosen - Civil Minutes - General05/18/2005
CR 04-00860 DDPUnited States of America v. Albert Lamont Hector - Order Denying Government's Motion for Reconsideration05/09/2005
ED CV 03-286 RT (SGLx)Roach v. Lee, et al. - Order Granting Moving Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss the Second and Fourth Claims of Plaintiff’s First Amended Complaint Pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 12(b)(6)05/09/2005
EDCV 01-216 RT (SGLx) Frank Buono v. Gale Norton, Jonathan Jarvis, and Mary Martin - Order 1) Granting Plaintiff’s Motion to Enforce Permanent Injunction, 2) Denying Plaintiff’s Motion to Modify the Injunction as Moot, and 3) Permanently Enjoining Defendants’ Implementation of the Provisions of Section 8121 of Public Law 108-8704/11/2005
CV 04-8333 FMC (AJWx)United States of America v. One Oil Painting Entitled "Femme En Blanc" by Pablo Picasso - Order Denying Claimant's Motion to Dismiss Complaint for Forfeiture and Order Denying Claimant's Motion to Transfer & Order Denying Motion to Dismiss Cross-Complaint of Thomas Bennigson03/31/2005
CR 04-00860 DDPUnited States of America v. Albert Lamont Hector - Order Grating Motion to Suppress Evidence03/29/2005
CR 03-1219 AHMUnited States of America v. David F. Rosen - Order Re: Defendant’s Motions to Dismiss the Indictment03/23/2005
SA CV 05-145 DOC (RNBx)DirecTV, Inc. v. John Bonilla, et al. - Order Denying Motionto Quash03/22/2005
SACV 00-1216 GLT(ES)United States ex rel. Charles Anthony, et al. v. Burke Engineering Company, et al. - Order on Subject Matter Jurisdiction02/18/2005
CV 99-2829 AHM (CWx)
[Consolidated with
CV 01-1339 AMH(CWx)]
John Garamendi, vs. Altus Finance S.A., et al. - Order Denying MAAF's Motion to Preclude the French Phrase "Queljeu Doit-on Jouer Vis-a-Vis Des Autorities De Californie?" as Used in Mr. Simonet's Notes From Being Translated as "What Game Must We Play With the California Authorities?" [Motion 12]02/10/2005
CV 04-0687 GHK (SSx)State of California vs. Safeway, Inc., et al. - Memorandum & Order RE: 1) Plaitiff's Motion to Unseal Court Records 2) Los Angeles Times' Motion to Unseal Court Records02/08/2005
SACV 02-1110 GLT (MLGx)Airport Working Group of Orange County, Inc., et al. vs. U.S. Department of Defense, et al. - Response to Court's Questions for Clarification Re Contamination01/24/2005
EDCV 04-744 RT (SGLx)Comerica Bank, et al. v. Whitehall Specialites, Inc., et al. - Order 1) Granting Plaintiff’s Motion to Remand this Action to State Court, and 2) Denying Defendant Whitehall Specialities’ Motion to Transfer Venue as Moot01/14/2005
SACV 04-1320 DOC(ANx)Rolly Pulaski, et al. v. Mike Chrisman, et al. - Order Denying Motion for Preliminary Injunction01/14/2005
CR 03-434 FMCUnited States of America v. Katrina Leung - Order Granting Defendant's Motion to Dismiss01/07/2005
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