All Opinions and Orders

All Opinions and Orders

The opinions and orders posted below are those which have been deemed noteworthy by the individual judges presiding over the cases in which they were issued.

The Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees prohibits court employees from commenting publicly on the merits of actions pending before the Court. Accordingly, please do not contact Court staff regarding the opinions and orders posted below.

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CV 07-3072 AHM (FMOx)Multi-ethnic Immigrant Workers Organizing Network., et al., vs. City of Los Angeles., et al. - Civil Minutes-General12/18/2007
CV 06-7361 AHM (AJWx)UMG Recordings, Inc., et al., vs. MySpace, Inc., et al. - Order Denying Motion to Disqualify O'Melveny & Myers, LLP12/11/2007
CV 05-00810 DDP (RNBx)Michael Mitchell vs. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, et al. - Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law12/10/2007
CV 07-06572 DDP (Ex)Jose Saucedo vs. Felbro, Inc. - Order Remanding the Case to State Court12/10/2007
CV 07-2534 ABC (JWJx)Ticketmaster LLC vs. RMG Technoloties, Inc., et al. - Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction12/03/2007
CV 06-01585 DDP (RCx)Laura A. Cyr vs. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co., et al. - Order Granting Summary Judgment in Favor of Plaintiff Cyr11/28/2007
CV 07-3747 AHM (JTLx)Steve Klein, et al. vs. City of San Clemente, et al. - Order Denying Preliminary Injunction11/28/2007
CR 05-00519 (A) DDPUSA vs. Yasith Chhun - Order Denying Defendant Chhun's Motion for Order Dismissing Counts Two and Three of the First Superseding Indictment on the Ground that the United States Was Not "At Peace" with Cambodia10/03/2007
CV 04-08448 DDP (SHx)S.A. Thomas vs. Leroy Baca - Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Plaintiffs' Renewed Motion for Summary Adjudication and Granting in Part and Denying in Part Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment, or, in the Alternative, Summary Adjudication10/03/2007
CV 07-283-GPS(PLAx)Duong Cao Tran v. Emilio T. Gonzalez - Civil Minutes-General08/09/2007
8:07-cv-00335-FMC-FMOxNatural Resources Defense Council, Inc., et al. vs. Donald C. Winter, Secretary of the Navy, et al. - Order Denying Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss or Stay and Granting in Part and Denying in Part Plaintiffs’ Motion for a Preliminary Injunction08/08/2007
CV 06-5885 ABC (FFMx)Donald R. Chastain vs. Union Security Life Insurance Company - Order Re: Defendant’s Motion to Compel Arbitration and Stay Action Pending Arbitration08/08/2007
CV 07-936 GPS (VBKx)Alireza Hodjat vs. Emilio T. Gonzalez, Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service; Alberto R. Gonzales, as Attorney General of the United States - Order Granting Defendants' Ex Parte Application; Order Denying Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss; Order Setting Scheduling Conference08/01/2007
CV 06-00289 DDP (MLG)Brian Joseph Stoltie vs. People of the State of California - Order Granting Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus07/24/2007
CV 06-6994 AHM (RZx)LiveUniverse, Inc. vs. MySpace, Inc. - Civil Minutes-General06/18/2007
SA CV 02-578 AHS (ANx)Ultimax Cement Manufacuring Corp., et al. vs. CTS Cement Manufacurint Corp., et al. - Order Denying Plaintiffs’ Motion to Disqualify Defendants’ Counsel Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, Llp and James W. Geriak Due to Former and Continuing Representation of Plaintiff Hassan Kunbargi06/18/2007
CV 06-2539 FMC (RZx)Cleanmaster Industries, Inc., dba Prescriptions Plus vs. Sandra Shewry, Director of the California Department of Health Services - Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment06/07/2007
CV 04-02213 DDP (SSx)National Paint & Coatings Association, Inc. vs. South Coast Air Quality Management District - Order Denying Writ of Mandate05/16/2007
CV 03-01876 DDP (RZx)Donald Fitzgerald, et al. vs. City of Los Angeles, et al. - Order Granting Motion to Extend Injunction04/26/2007
CV 05-08047 ABC (RMCx)Humanitarian Law Project vs. United States Department of Treasury, et al. - Final Judgment Re: Plaintiffs’ Motion for Summary Judgment, Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss and Cross-motion for Summary Judgment, and Defendants’ Motion for Reconsideration04/23/2007
CV 05-08047 ABC (RMCx)Humanitarian Law Project vs. United States Department of Treasury, et al. - Defendants’ Motion for Reconsideration 04/23/2007
CV 06-04717 AHM (PJWx)Compton Unified School District vs. Starvena Addison, et al. - Order Granting Judgment on the Pleadings04/23/2007
CV 06-03752 MMM (SSx)Nancy Louie, et al vs. Mccormick & Schmick Restaurant Corp., et al - Order Granting Defendant’s Motions to Dismiss First Amended Complaint03/19/2007
CV 05-07393 RSWL (JWJx)Ray Comfort, et al. vs. William A. MacLaughlin, et al. - Order Denying Plaintiffs' Motion for Preliminary Injunction02/06/2007
CV 06-03703 DDP (AJWx)Bret Stone, Danielle Stone vs. Hartford Casualty Copmpany - Order Re: Cross-Motions for Sumary Judgment01/22/2007
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Found 385 items.

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