U.S. District Court, Central District of California

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Proceedings are held in the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, Room 341

Post Indictment Arraignment Calendar
Date: 02/13/2018
Magistrate Judge: Karen E. Scott
Location: Southern Division - Santa Ana, 6A
Court Clerk: Jazmin Dorado
Recorder: CS 02/13/2018

Item Number:Case Number:Case Name:Time: (00:00 AM/PM)
8:18-CR-0000016-JVS U.S.A. v. JEREMIAH JASON PARRA2:00 PM

INDICTMENT: 21 U.S.C. 846: Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine; 841(a)(1)(B)(viii): Distribution of Methamphetamine; 18 U.S.C. 2(a): Aiding and Abetting

Case Information:
Financial Affidavit for Appointment -- Accepted and Filed
Initial Appearance

Speedy Trial Act Dates:
FATD: 03/15/2018MCD: 05/14/2018TMAX: 04/24/2018TMAX - 2 WEEKS: 04/10/2018


DefendantDef. StatusCounselCounsel StatusLanguageInterpreter
Jeremiah Jason ParraCustodyIsabel Bussarakum, DFPDto be appointed