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CategoryForm NumberTitleLast RevisedFillable
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G-01Request for Approval of Substitution or Withdrawal of Counsel09/17Yes
G-02Sealed Case Cover Sheet (New Action)01/05Yes
G-04Warrant For Arrest10/15Yes
G-05Electronic Service Exemption Form05/18Yes
G-06Notice of Change of Attorney Business or Contact Information06/13Yes
G-09Application and Order for Writ of Habeas Corpus Ad Prosequendum/Ad Testificandum10/06Yes
G-09AWrit of Habeas Corpus09/97Yes
G-12Stipulation and Order Releasing Exhibits to Agent or Designated Custodian08/97Yes
G-14A, G-14BExhibit Tags (Plaintiff & Defendant)04/17Yes
G-18Abstract of Judgment/Order03/12Yes
G-30Records Request Form - Federal Agency Only09/04N/A
G-56Records Request Form - Public09/04N/A
G-58Application and Agreement To Use Court Facility04/17Yes
G-60Application for Admission to the Bar of the Central District of California03/17Yes
G-63Request for Attorney Admission Information05/18Yes
G-64Application of Non-Resident Attorney to Appear in a Specific Case Pro Hac Vice06/16Yes
G-72Schedule of Fees03/17N/A
G-80Request for CM/ECF Login and Password - Pro Se Litigants (People Without Lawyers)11/15Yes
G-87CM/ECF Media Access Application08/15Yes
G-92Notice of Manual Filing or Lodging06/15Yes
G-96Request and Authorization to Incur Transportation Expenses06/18Yes
G-101Student Application to Appear Under the Student Practice Rule & Proposed Order (Local Civil Rule 83-4)03/09Yes
G-115Transcript Redaction Request05/08Yes
G-120Transcript Order Form06/18Yes
G-122Application for Accommodations for Trial Participants with Communications Disabilites, Jurors, and Members of the Public04/18Yes
G-122AGuidelines for Providing Accommodations for Trial Participants with Communications Disabilities, Jurors, and Members of the Public06/14No
G-123Notice of Appearance or Withdrawal of Counsel09/15Yes
G-124Application for Refund of Fees; Order Thereon12/17Yes
G-126Transcript Designation Form10/15No
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Found 209 items.

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