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CategoryForm NumberTitleLast RevisedFillable
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CR-003Affidavit of Surety(ies) (Property)12/05Yes
CR-004Affidavit of Surety (No Justification)02/09Yes
CR-005Short Form Deed of Trust and Assignment of Rents01/09Yes
CR-007Affidavit Re Appearance Bond (Cash Security)10/16Yes
CR-010Advisement of Constitutional and Statutory Rights (Initial Appearance)07/17Yes
CR-014Designation and Appearance of Counsel01/07Yes
CR-015Notice To District Court Of Related Criminal Duty Filing05/08Yes
CR-019Waiver of Trial by Jury and Waiver of Special Findings of Fact09/97Yes
CR-020Instructions for Posting a Third Party Surety Appearance Bond07/16Yes
CR-021Subpoena in a Criminal Case10/15Yes
CR-031Affidavit of Third-Party Custodian03/15Yes
CR-032Waiver of Right to Counsel06/07Yes
CR-035Waiver of Defendant's Presence
CR-037Declaration Re Passport and Other Travel Documents05/15Yes
CR-043Notice Directing Defendant to Appear for Arraignment Calendar10/15Yes
CR-044Statement of Defendant's Constitutional Rights09/97Yes
CR-052Affidavit Re: Out- of- District Warrant05/98Yes
CR-054Statement of Compliance with Local Criminal Rules 46-5 and 46-6
CR-057Waiver of Indictment06/14Yes
CR-062Application to the Criminal Duty Judge for Review of Magistrate Judge’s Bail Order; Order Thereon
CR-063Notice to Court of Complex Criminal Case09/14Yes
CR-064Report Commencing Criminal Action02/14Yes
CR-072Case Summary12/17Yes
CR-088Application for Review/Reconsideration of Order Setting Conditions of Release/Detention, (18 U.S.C. 3142) and Request for Hearing06/07Yes
CR-088ANotification Re: Application for Bail Review or Reconsideration of Order Setting Conditions of Release or Detention, (18 U.S.C. 3142)10/09Yes
CR-097Referral for Consideration of Placement in the Tattoo Removal Program02/09Yes
CR-110Waiver of a Preliminary Hearing06/12Yes
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Found 208 items.

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