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This site has several tools to help you find what you need:

  1. Questions & Answers: A list of frequently asked questions organized by topic.

  2. Helpful Brochure: The Clerk’s Office has prepared a brochure for individuals who want to file in this Court a civil case on their own behalf without a lawyer.

  3. Court Forms: The Court has approved certain legal forms that must be used when filing a civil action.

  4. Links & Resources: If you can't find what you need in this website, the Links & Resources section can help you find information someplace else.

  5. Glossary: An alphabetical list of definitions of legal terms. This will help you understand what you read in this website.

  6. Website Feedback: The Court invites you to e-mail any comments and suggestions about this site or to report any technical problems. The Court cannot answer questions that ask for legal advice.

  7. Website Policies: The privacy policy of the Court and the privacy policy of links to other organizations from this website are defined.

  8. Disclaimer: The Court makes no endorsement of links to other organizations from this website.

  9. Search Engine (see image below): Allows you to look for a word or phrase in this website. The engine won't search outside the this site. Search engines work best if you use more than 1 word and if you use specific words.