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General Information Line: 213-894-3015
Southern Division - Kathy Peterson, Deputy in Charge: 714-338-4764
Western and Eastern Divisions - Randall Schnack, Chief Deputy Clerk: 213-894-5930

Adams, RosalynFormer Court
Algorri, MirandaOfficial Court
Los Angeles - First St.Walter
Amber, LeandraFormer Court Reporter(213)
Avila, HildaOfficial Court Reporter------
Babykin, MargaretContract Court Reporter
Baird, Miriam V.Official Court
Santa AnaGuilford
Balajadia, BernadetteFormer Court
P.O. Box 51682, Irvine, CA 92619-1682------
Bamber, SharynFormer Court Reporter323-965-1810------
Batalo, Pamela SeijasFormer Court
Becerra, SandraContract Court Reporter
Becerra, SandraContract Court Reporter
Becerra, SandraContract Court Reporter
Bustillos, MariaOfficial Court
Los Angeles - First St.Pregerson
Cannariato, ChristyContract Court Reporter
Case, SherryContract Court Reporter
Cerge, NoreenFormer Court
Cheshire-Smith, JenniferFormer Court
Chong, Khowoonsun (Koni)Former Court
Coney, Monica (Jenkins)Former Court Reporter(858)
Cotten, Pamela J.Contract Court Reporter
Cuneo, PatOfficial Court
Los Angeles - First St.Fischer
Dellaneve (Beesley), MariaFormer Court Reporter
Elias, LauraOfficial Court
Los Angeles - First St.Snyder
Elkins, CaroleFormer Court ReporterPlease contact: Court Reporting Services 213-894-3015------
Fitzsimons Rust, DonnaFormer Court
PO Box 606, La Canada, CA 91012-0606------
Forrest, NicholeOfficial Court
Los Angeles - First St.Fitzgerald
Frazier, AdeleOfficial Court Reporter(951)
Gackle, DeborahOfficial Court
Los Angeles - First St.Wilson
Gale, DebbieOfficial Court
Santa AnaCarter
George, GaryFormer Court
Goldsmith, HopeFormer Court
Gonzalez, LisaOfficial Court
Los Angeles -- Spring St.Olguin
Green, KyungContract Court Reporter
Haaland, KathyFormer Court Reporter626-202-9544
Hill-Tucker, RobinFormer Court Reporter310-632-5824
Hilland, DonaldFormer Court
Hino-Spaan, DebbieOfficial Court
Santa AnaCarney
Hourigan, TerriOfficial Court
Los Angeles - First St.Wright
Jansen, NarenFormer Court
Joko, AlexanderOfficial Court
L.A. - Roybal Bldg.Kronstadt
Jones, KatherineFormer Court ReporterPlease contact:
Deborah Parker,
Jui, Chia MeiOfficial Court
Los Angeles - First St.Birotte
Kay, Karen E.Contract Court Reporter
Kielwasser, AnneOfficial Court
Los Angeles - First St.Gee
Killion, Robert E.Former Court
King, LeslieFormer Court
Kleeger (Ogata), SheriOfficial Court
L.A. - Spring St.Real
Lanza, TheresaFormer Court
LeBlanc, LeniFormer Court ReporterPlease
Ledge, WalterContract Court Reporter
Lestro, EmmaFormer Court
Lewis, JenniferFormer Court
Litsheim, LucilleFormer Court
MacNeil, SandraOfficial Court
L.A. - Roybal Bldg.Klausner
Marshall-Ensworth, SallyFormer Court
May, RogerFormer Court ReporterPlease contact:
Court Reporting Services
McKay, MichelleFormer Court Reporter714-960-4806
Mechanic, KathyFormer Court Reporter402-502-7135
Medlock, JenniferContract Court Reporter
Mendelsohn, FredaFormer Court
Mireles, XavierFormer Court Reporter818-378-2992P.O. Box 4573, Sunland, CA 91041------
Montero, BridgetFormer Court
Montgomery, ShaynaFormer Court
Morin, DeborahFormer Court
Morris, LindaFormer Court
Nicholson, Lynne (Smith)Former Court
Nichols, CandaceFormer Court Reporter562-983-5696
Nirenberg, C.Official Court Reporter213-894-2449www.msfedreporter.comLos Angeles - Roybal Bldg.King
Paddock, DeniseFormer Court
Parker, DeborahOfficial Court
Santa AnaStaton
Peeples, GailFormer Court
Pinn, KarenFormer Court
Ponce, MyraOfficial Court
Los Angeles - First St.O'Connell
Potter, CandyVisiting Reporter602-322-7246Arizona------
Preston (Gunther), PhyllisOfficial Court
Read, DebraFormer Court
Rickey, Mary RiordanFormer Court
Roberts, KellyContract Court Reporter
Rule (Sutton), JaneFormer Court
Salyer, DavidFormer Court
fax # 323-953-1315------
Schweitzer, MarkFormer Court
Sebring, JenniferContract Court Reporter
Huntington Court Reporters and Transcription, Inc., 301 North Lake Avenue, Suite 150, Pasadena, CA 91101------
Seffens, SharonOfficial Court
Santa AnaSelna
Seymour, JulieContract Court Reporter
Smith-Wells, NancyFormer Court
P.O. Box 75573, Honolulu, HI 96836------
Stein, KimberlyFormer Court Reporter714-394-6786
Stephens, BillFormer Court Reporter623-875-9473------
Stiles, DorothyOfficial Court,
Whaley (RS)
Stride, KatherineContract Court Reporter
South Pasadena, CA------
Thibodeaux, Katie E.Official Court
Los Angeles - First St.Wu
Tucker, MaryFormer Court Reporter818-621-6395P.O. Box 3772, Chatsworth, CA 91313------
Turman, JohnFormer Court
P.O. Box 12862, Tempe, AZ 85248------
Valine, VictoriaFormer Court
Vaughn, ArleneFormer Court Reporter626-798-9804
Villegas, LenaFormer Court Reporter626-343-6511
Wilcox, WilContract Court Reporter
Woolrich, MareaOfficial Court
Los Angeles - First St.Gutierrez
Zaccaro, BethFormer Court Reporter207-299-4999; 207-943-9040;
P.O Box 266, Milo, Maine 04463------
Zurborg, CarolOfficial Court Reporter213-
Los Angeles - Spring StreetOtero