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FAQs about Judges' Procedures and Schedules

Last Updated: 09/11/2015

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Some information regarding procedures and schedules is provided below. Counsel should review and strictly comply with all provisions of the Local Rules (unless specifically superseded by an order of this Court) and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Copies of the Local Rules can be found at http://www.cacd.uscourts.gov/court-procedures/local-rules or purchased from one of the following:

    Los Angeles Daily Journal
    915 East 1st Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Metropolitan News
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  1. Scheduling Motions.

    Civil motions are heard on Mondays at 8:30 a.m.

    Criminal motions are heard on Thursdays at 8:30 a.m.

    Motions in limine are heard at the Final Pretrial Conference.

    When Monday or Thursday is a holiday, the next motion date is the following Monday or Thursday.

    Counsel shall refer to the Court's Initial Standing Order with respect to setting and briefing motions. Motion dates are closed when the Court’s calendar is full and, therefore, counsel shall not assume that a motion date(s) is available. Please refer to the Court’s Motion Calendar to obtain an available hearing date(s) prior to setting the hearing date for any motion.

  2. Telephonic Appearances. The Court will entertain a telephonic appearance for status conferences or scheduling conferences only. Counsel shall contact the Courtroom Deputy Clerk for further instructions at least three (3) court days before the scheduled hearing. The Court does not entertain a telephonic appearance for any other hearing unless it is an exceptional and unanticipated circumstance. Any request for a telephonic appearance due to such circumstances must be e-filed at least five (5) court days before the scheduled hearing and shall include a declaration from counsel setting forth the basis for the request with a proposed order. The Court does not use Court Call. If the request is granted, the order will include the information for the call. Please note that cell phones or the use of speaker phones are not permitted for any telephonic appearance.

  3. Discovery Motions. All discovery motions are to be calendared before the Magistrate Judge.

  4. Tentative Rulings. Written tentative rulings may be issued. If issued, they will be available in the courtroom on the morning of the hearing. If a written tentative ruling is not issued, the Court will provide an oral tentative ruling at the outset of the hearing on the motion.

  5. Initial Pleadings. All initial pleadings shall be filed as a separate document and not filed together with an answer.

  6. Mandatory Chambers' Copies. Mandatory chambers' copies shall be delivered to the courtesy copy box located outside the Clerk's Office, Suite 181-L of the Roybal Federal Building. It is imperative that mandatory chambers’ copies are delivered by noon following the date of filing as required by Local Rule 5-4.5. Failure to deliver timely mandatory chambers' copies may result in a delay in hearing a motion or order taking the matter off calendar. The Court requires chambers' copies of only the following:

    1. Civil matters: initial pleadings (complaints, counterclaims, cross-claims), Joint Rule 16(b)/26(f) report, motion papers (motions, oppositions, replies, non-oppositions, and any document relating to such), trial documents (joint statement of the case, proposed voir dire questions, jury instructions, verdict form, exhibit list, witness list, and any disputes relating to such), ex parte applications relating to temporary restraining orders, and presentation materials for patent cases.
    2. Criminal matters: motion papers (motions, oppositions, replies, non-oppositions, and any document relating to such), plea agreement(s), and sentencing position papers.

      All other documents are not required which include stipulations, requests, notices, status reports, civil case cover sheets, dismissals, and answers.

      • Bluebacks are not required. It is not required to two-hole punch courtesy copies.
      • All courtesy copies must be printed from CM/ECF and include the CM/ECF – generated header consisting of the case number, document control number, date of filing, page number, etc.

  7. Proposed Orders. Pursuant to Local Rule 52-4.1, a proposed order shall be e-filed as a separate attachment to any document seeking Court approval. All proposed orders, including evidentiary objections, shall be submitted through CM/ECF or e-mailed in either Word or WordPerfect to the Court's Chambers' email at: jak_chambers@cacd.uscourts.gov. The Court does not require proposed orders to be submitted with any motion (e-filed or e-mailed) unless otherwise directed by the Court. The Court's chambers' email is used for proposed orders only and shall not be used to communicate with the Courtroom Deputy Clerk.

  8. Ex Parte Applications/TRO. Ex parte applications are for extraordinary relief only. Ex parte applications are considered on the papers and ordinarily are not set for a hearing. (If the Court decides to conduct a hearing, the Courtroom Deputy Clerk will notify the moving party of the hearing's time and date and will direct the moving party to provide immediate notice to the non-moving party.) The moving party shall give telephonic notice of the Ex Parte and serve the opposing party by either facsimile, email, or by personal service and shall notify the opposing party that any opposition must be e-filed no later than 24 hours after service of such facsimile, email, or personal service. If counsel do not intend to oppose the ex parte application, counsel must inform the Courtroom Deputy Clerk by telephone as soon as possible. See Initial Standing Order.

  9. Status Inquiries. Please do not inquire by phone regarding the status of a motion, stipulation, or proposed order.

  10. Contact with Chambers. Counsel shall not initiate telephone calls to Judge Kronstadt's chambers or law clerks.

  11. Calendar Conflicts. Counsel shall notify the Courtroom Deputy Clerk for each judge at least 24 hours prior to the date of the conflict. Counsel should appear before the most senior judge and request priority.

  12. Continuances. Continuances are granted only upon a showing of good cause, particularly focusing upon evidence of diligent work by the party seeking delay and of prejudice that may result from the denial of the continuance. The Court sets firm trial dates and will not change them without good cause having been shown. Requests should be submitted well in advance of the relief requested. Counsel requesting a continuance, whether by application or stipulation, must submit a detailed declaration as to the reason(s). Such declaration shall include in its opening paragraph: the date the action was filed; the present trial date (if any); the date of the event for which continuance is sought; the date on which that date was set; and the date(s) and nature of any prior continuances of any proceeding in the action. The Court will not consider any request that does not comply with the Local Rules. Counsel should not assume the request is granted unless approved by the Court. See Local Rule 40-1. Any request shall be accompanied by a separate proposed order.

  13. Electronic Equipment. ELMO reservations/tutorials may be made by referring to the Court website at http://www.cacd.uscourts.gov/clerk-services/courtroom-technology/presenting-evidence. Counsel may also contact the Courtroom Technology Help Desk (213-894-3061) about such matters. Counsel should contact the Courtroom Deputy Clerk at the earliest possible date concerning procedures for bringing electronic equipment into the courtroom.

  14. Transcripts. To obtain a transcript of any proceeding, please contact the assigned court reporter. To determine the court reporter for a particular proceeding, go to the Court Reporter Schedule web page and click on View by Date. Once you have determined the correct court reporter for the desired session, click on Court Reporter Phone and Email List for contact information.

  15. Law Clerk/Extern Positions. Questions regarding law clerk/extern positions should be directed to Judge Kronstadt's chambers by letter.

  16. Trial. Hours: Trials are generally conducted Tuesday through Friday. The Court will adopt a particular time schedule on a case-by-case basis. In general, the schedule will be: (i) from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with two or three 20-minute breaks; or (ii) from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with a 15-minute break in both the morning and the afternoon, and a one-hour lunch break.

    Counsel shall comply with the Court’s Order Re Jury/Court Trial with respect to documents to be prepared and filed timely in connection with the final pretrial conference and trial.

  17. Settlement Procedure. Pursuant to Local Rule 16-15, in every civil case, the parties shall select a settlement procedure. If counsel have received a Notice to Parties of Court-Directed ADR Program (Form ADR-08), the case presumptively will be referred to the Court Mediation Panel or to private mediation. See General Order 11-10, 5.1 and Local Rule 26-1(c). The Court will discuss the proposed ADR procedure with the parties at the time of the Scheduling Conference and will issue the ADR-12 order once the settlement method is selected. For information about the Court's ADR Program, review General Order 11-10, which is located on the "ADR" page of the Court's website.

  18. Under Seal Documents. Effective July 8, 2013, this Court required that all under seal documents be submitted via email to the Court's chambers' email address at: jak_chambers@cacd.uscourts.gov. Counsel shall comply with the Court's Order Re Under Seal Pilot Program.

  19. Preparation of Documents / PDF. Counsel shall adhere to Local Rule 5-4.3.1 with respect to the conversion all pleadings to a PDF so that when a pleading is e-filed, it is in the proper size and format that is PDF searchable. Counsel may contact the Help Desk at 213-894-0242 for assistance.

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