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Found 206 items.

Form NumberTitleLast RevisedFillable
1 State Habeas Corpus Packet04/16Yes
1 Presentence Interview Forms06/10Yes
1 Complaint Forms for Pro Se Litigants02/17No
2 Federal Habeas Corpus Packet01/16Yes
2 Presentence Financial Forms with Net Worth Short Form06/10Yes
2 Instructional Guide and Forms for Submitting Motions05/11No
3 2255 Motion Packet01/16Yes
3 PrePlea Consent Form07/09Yes
4 Prisoner Civil Rights Packet05/13No
5 Civil Action by Non-Prisoner Packet01/16Yes
A-02 Notice of Appeal01/07Yes
A-09 Deleted10/12Yes
A-11 Deleted05/12N/A
A-11A Deleted07/10Yes
A-13 Ex Parte Application01/08Yes
A-17 Deleted05/13N/A
A-18 Motion and Affidavit For Leave To Appeal In Forma Pauperis04/10Yes
A-21 Deleted05/12N/A
A-24 Deleted05/12N/A
ADR-01 Request: ADR Procedure Selection01/12Yes
ADR-02 Stipulation Regarding Selection of Panel Mediator08/16Yes
ADR-03 Mediation Report01/14Yes
ADR-07 Deleted01/09Yes
ADR-09 Deleted01/12N/A
ADR-12 Order / Referral to ADR01/12Yes
ADR-13 Notice of Mediation Date01/12Yes
ADR-15 Deleted08/13N/A
ADR-16 Deleted08/13N/A
ADR-17 Mediation Confidentiality Agreement01/14Yes
ADR-18 Deleted08/13N/A
ADR-19 Mediation Panel Application Form01/14Yes
ADR-21 Application For Stay and Early Mediation10/16Yes
ADR-22 Deleted10/16N/A
Advisory Opinion No. 81 Committee on Codes of Conduct Advisory Opinion No. 8107/11N/A
AO-078 Application for Judicial Branch Federal Employment10/09Yes
AO-121 Report on the Filing or Determination of an Action or Appeal Regarding a Copyright06/90Yes
AO-133 Bill of Costs
(Obsolete, see Form CV-59)
AO-196A Acknowledgment of Gratuitous Services and Waiver11/10Yes
AO-245H Judgment in a Criminal Case (For a Petty Offense) - Short Form12/03Yes
AO-245I Judgment in a Criminal Case (For a Petty Offense)12/07Yes
AO-336 Voucher Attendance Court Reporters09/96Yes
AO-435 Please refer to Transcript Designation and Ordering Form G-120/Yes
AO-436 Audio Recording Order04/16Yes
CJA-26 Supplemental Information Statement for a Compensation Claim in Excess of the Statutory Case Compensation Maximum: District Court04/16Yes
CJA Application CJA Attorney Panel Application08/11Yes
CR-003 Affidavit of Surety(ies) (Property)12/05Yes
CR-004 Affidavit of Surety (No Justification)02/09Yes
CR-005 Short Form Deed of Trust and Assignment of Rents01/09Yes
CR-007 Affidavit Re Appearance Bond (Cash Security)10/16Yes
CR-014 Designation and Appearance of Counsel01/07Yes
CR-015 Notice To District Court Of Related Criminal Duty Filing05/08Yes
CR-019 Waiver of Trial by Jury and Waiver of Special Findings of Fact09/97Yes
CR-020 Instructions for Posting a Third Party Surety Appearance Bond07/16Yes
CR-021 Subpoena in a Criminal Case10/15Yes
CR-031 Affidavit of Third-Party Custodian03/15Yes
CR-032 Waiver of Right to Counsel06/07Yes
CR-035 Waiver of Defendant's Presence
CR-037 Declaration Re Passport and Other Travel Documents05/15Yes
CR-043 Notice Directing Defendant to Appear for Arraignment Calendar10/15Yes
CR-044 Statement of Defendant's Constitutional Rights09/97Yes
CR-049 Deleted02/13N/A
CR-052 Affidavit Re: Out- of- District Warrant05/98Yes
CR-054 Statement of Compliance with Local Criminal Rules 46-5 and 46-6
CR-057 Waiver of Indictment06/14Yes
CR-062 Application to the Criminal Duty Judge for Review of Magistrate Judge’s Bail Order; Order Thereon
CR-063 Notice to Court of Complex Criminal Case09/14Yes
CR-064 Report Commencing Criminal Action02/14Yes
CR-072 Case Summary10/16Yes
CR-087 Deleted06/10Yes
CR-088 Application for Review/Reconsideration of Order Setting Conditions of Release/Detention, (18 U.S.C. 3142) and Request for Hearing06/07Yes
CR-088A Notification Re: Application for Bail Review or Reconsideration of Order Setting Conditions of Release or Detention, (18 U.S.C. 3142)10/09Yes
CR-097 Referral for Consideration of Placement in the Tattoo Removal Program02/09Yes
CR-110 Waiver of a Preliminary Hearing06/12Yes
CV-001 Proof of Service of Summons (replaced by POS-010)/N/A
CV-001A Summons (replaced by AO-440)/N/A
CV-004 Deleted10/11No
CV-004A Ex Parte Right to Attach Order and Order for Issuance of Writ of Attachment (Resident) (Attachment)12/03No
CV-004B Right to Attach Order After Hearing and Order for Issuance of Writ of Attachment (Attachment)12/03No
CV-004C Notice of Attachment (Attachment)12/03No
CV-004D Writ of Attachment (Attachment)10/11No
CV-004E Ex Parte Right to Attach Order and Order for Issuance of Writ of Attachment (Nonresident) (Attachment)12/03No
CV-004F Application for Right to Attach Order, Temporary Protective Order, etc. (Attachment)12/03No
CV-004G Application for Set Aside Right to Attach Order and Release Attached Property, etc. (Attachment)12/03No
CV-004H Application and Notice of Hearing for Order to Terminate, Modify or Vacate Temporary Protective Order (Attachment)12/03No
CV-004I Notice of Application and Hearing for Right to Attach Order and Writ of Attachment (Attachment)01/12Yes
CV-004J Order to Set Aside Attachment, to Substitute Undertaking, etc. (Attachment)12/03No
CV-004K Notice of Opposition to Right to Attach Order and Claim of Exemption (Attachment)12/03No
CV-004L Order to Terminate, Modify, or Vacate Temporary Protective Order (Attachment)12/03No
CV-004M Temporary Protective Order (Attachment)12/03No
CV-004N Undertaking by Personal Sureties (Attachment--Claim and Delivery)12/11Yes
CV-004O Notice of Lien (Attachment--Enforcement of Judgment)12/03No
CV-004P Application and Order for Appearance and Examination (Attachment-Enforcement of Judgment)10/13Yes
CV-005 Application for Permission for Electronic Filing11/15Yes
CV-009 Notice of Dismissal Pursuant To Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 41(a) or (c)03/10Yes
CV-010 Warrant for Arrest in Action in Rem06/12Yes
CV-011 Statement of Consent to Proceed Before Assigned United States Magistrate Judge Pursuant to Title 28 U.s.c. 636(c) (For Use in Report and Recommendation Cases)05/16Yes
CV-011B Consent To Proceed Before A United States Magistrate Judge (State/Federal Habeas Case)01/09Yes
CV-011C Statement of Consent to Proceed Before a United States Magistrate Judge (Direct Assignment of Civil Cases to Magistrate Judges Program only)05/14Yes
CV-011D Statement of Consent to Proceed Before a United States Magistrate Judge (Voluntary Consent List only)06/12Yes
CV-011ED Deleted06/06N/A
CV-021 Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt of Summons and Complaint02/04Yes
CV-023 Writ of Execution06/01Yes
CV-024 Affidavit and Request for Issuance of Writ of Execution06/01Yes
CV-027 Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus by a Person in Federal Custody02/05No
CV-030 Notice of Interested Parties05/13Yes
CV-036 Deleted07/12N/A
CV-039 Notice of Lawsuit and Request for Waiver of Service of Summons06/12Yes
CV-040 Proof of Service - Acknowledgment of Service01/00Yes
CV-041A Summons on a Third-Party Complaint (replaced by AO-441)/N/A
CV-046 Writ of Venditioni12/95Yes
CV-058 Instructions for Filing a Civil Action by a Non-Prisoner12/15N/A
CV-058A Instructions for Filing a Civil Action by a Non-Prisoner Spanish version12/15N/A
CV-059 Bill of Costs12/14Yes
CV-060 Request to Proceed in Forma Pauperis with Declaration in Support04/06Yes
CV-060P Request to Proceed Without Prepayment of Filing Fees with Declaration in Support04/06Yes
CV-066 Civil Rights Complaint07/97Yes
CV-066A Instructions for Filing a Civil Rights Complaint by a Prisoner - General Instructions05/13N/A
CV-067 Motion to Vacate, Set Aside, or Correct Sentence by a Person in Federal Custody 28 U.S.C 225502/05No
CV-068 Deleted09/12N/A
CV-069 Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus by a Person in State Custody05/12Yes
CV-071 Civil Cover Sheet07/16Yes
CV-071A Instructions for Civil Cover Sheets07/16N/A
CV-072 Deleted09/12N/A
CV-088 Wage Garnishment Package - (F.R.C.P. RULE 64)07/05Yes
CV-088A Notice of Termination or Modification of Earnings Withholding Order (Wage Garnishment - F.R.C.P. RULE 64)06/04Yes
CV-088B Employer’s Return (Wage Garnishment - F.R.C.P. RULE 64)06/04Yes
CV-088C Order Determining Claim of Exemption (Wage Garnishment - F.R.C.P. RULE 64)06/04Yes
CV-088D Notice of Opposition to Claim of Exemption (Wage Garnishment - F.R.C.P. RULE 64)06/04Yes
CV-088E Notice of Filing of Claim of Exemption (Wage Garnishment - F.R.C.P. RULE 64)06/04Yes
CV-088F Notice of Hearing on Claim of Exemption (Wage Garnishment - F.R.C.P. RULE 64)06/04Yes
CV-088G Claim of Exemption and Financial Declaration (Wage Garnishment - F.R.C.P. RULE 64)07/05Yes
CV-099 Application of Registered Legal Services Attorney to Practice Before the Court and Proposed Order12/15Yes
CV-101 Certification of CA/CD Judgment for Registration in Another District11/15Yes
CV-108 Waiver of Service of Summons06/98Yes
CV-126 Pleading Page for a Complaint09/09No
CV-127 Pleading Page for a Subsequent Document09/09Yes
CV-132 Request for Reimbursement of Service Expenses07/13Yes
CV-137 Request for Reimbursement of Out-of-Pocket Expenses10/15Yes
G-01 Request for Approval of Substitution or Withdrawal of Counsel12/14Yes
G-02 Sealed Case Cover Sheet (New Action)01/05Yes
G-04 Warrant For Arrest10/15Yes
G-05 Electronic Service Exemption Form12/15Yes
G-06 Notice of Change of Attorney Business or Contact Information06/13Yes
G-09 Application and Order for Writ of Habeas Corpus Ad Prosequendum/Ad Testificandum10/06Yes
G-09A Writ of Habeas Corpus09/97Yes
G-12 Stipulation and Order Releasing Exhibits to Agent or Designated Custodian08/97Yes
G-18 Abstract of Judgment/Order03/12Yes
G-30 Records Request Form - Federal Agency Only09/04N/A
G-46 Deleted09/12N/A
G-56 Records Request Form - Public09/04N/A
G-58 Application and Agreement To Use Court Facility05/12Yes
G-60 Application for Admission to the Bar of the Central District of California12/15Yes
G-63 Request for Attorney Admission Information12/16Yes
G-64 Application of Non-Resident Attorney to Appear in a Specific Case Pro Hac Vice06/16Yes
G-67 Deleted10/12N/A
G-72 Schedule of Fees12/16N/A
G-76 Deleted06/13N/A
G-80 Request for CM/ECF Login and Password - Pro Se Litigants (People Without Lawyers)11/15Yes
G-86 Deleted04/12N/A
G-87 CM/ECF Media Access Application08/15Yes
G-92 Notice of Manual Filing or Lodging06/15Yes
G-93 Deleted04/12N/A
G-96 Request and Authorization to Incur Transportation Expenses09/08Yes
G-101 Student Application to Appear Under the Student Practice Rule & Proposed Order (Local Civil Rule 83-4)03/09Yes
G-115 Transcript Redaction Request05/08Yes
G-120 Transcript Order Form03/16Yes
G-122 Application for Accommodations for Trial Participants with Communications Disabilites, Jurors, and Members of the Public06/14Yes
G-122A Guidelines for Providing Accommodations for Trial Participants with Communications Disabilities, Jurors, and Members of the Public06/14No
G-123 Notice of Appearance or Withdrawal of Counsel01/16Yes
G-124 Application for Refund of Fees; Order Thereon01/14Yes
G-126 Transcript Designation Form10/15No
HR-34A Intern I.D. Card Application/Background Check04/12Yes
HR-73 Certification of Health Care Provider12/13Yes
I-2 Contract Interpreter Invoice01/17Yes
I-3 Deleted02/13N/A
I-4 Contract Court Interpreter Request to be Included in the Local Roster10/15Yes
I-5 Deleted06/13N/A
M-14 Waiver of Rights (Out of District Cases)09/09Yes
M-23 Motion and Affidavit for Leave to Appeal in Forma Pauperis: 28 U.S.C. 753(f), 28 U.S.C. 1915 from Judgment Rendered by a Magistrate Judge in a Criminal Case & Order12/11Yes
M-34 Deleted07/06N/A
M-59 Application by Defendant for Travel Expenses Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 428503/16Yes
M-61 Order for Appearance of Defendant and for Transportation Expenses Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 428503/16Yes
M-71 Consent to Proceed before a Magistrate Judge in a Class A Misdemeanor Case06/98Yes
Memorandum Extern Packet07/11Yes
Notice of Filing 1326 Case Notice of Filing 1326 Case03/12Yes
AO-040A Attendance and Transcripts of U.S. Court Reporters
AO-040B Statement of Earnings of U.S. Court Reporters
AO-088 Subpoena to Appear and Testify at a Hearing or Trial in a Civil Action/Yes
AO-088A Subpoena to Testify at a Deposition in a Civil Action/Yes
AO-088B Subpoena to Produce Documents, Information, or Objects or to Permit Inspection of Premises in a Civil Action/Yes
AO-110 Subpoena to Testify Before a Grand Jury/Yes
AO-120 Report on the Filing or Determination of an Action Regarding a Patent or Trademark/Yes
AO-440 Summons in a Civil Action/Yes
AO-441 Summons on Third-Party Complaint/Yes
AO-443 Warrant for the Arrest of a Witness or Material Witness in a Pending Criminal Case/Yes
AO-451 Clerk’s Certification of a Judgment to be Registered in Another District12/12Yes
AO-455 Waiver of an Indictment/Yes
SF-1034 Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal10/87Yes
CJA-19 Notice to Court-Appointed Counsel of Public Disclosure of Attorney Fee Information/N/A
CJA-20 Appointment of and Authority to Pay Court Appointed Counsel/Yes
CJA-21 Authorization and Voucher for Expert and other Services/Yes
CJA-23 Financial Affidavit/Yes
CJA-24 Authorization and Voucher for Payment of Transcript/Yes
CJA-30 Death Penalty Proceedings: Appointment of and Authority to Pay Court Appointed Counsel/Yes
CJA-31 Death Penalty Proceedings: Ex Parte Request for Authorization and Voucher for Expert and Other Services/Yes

Found 206 items.

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