United States District Court, Central District of California

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CJA FormsCJA-29Application for Authorization to Obtain CJA Services11/09

The CJA-29 is now submitted on-line, directly to the CJA Office.


  1. Submit a separate CJA-29 for each expert or expert service funding request.

  2. DO NOT submit a CJA-29 on cases assigned to the Honorable Judge Stotler (unless the case has an order delegating CJA funding authority to the CJA Supervising Attorney).

  3. DO NOT submit a CJA 29 on cases assigned to Honorable Judge Phillips unless the case has 5 or more defendants.

To complete the CJA-29 on-line, click here. Please note that you will be directed to the CJA Services log on page, where only approved users having user name and password information can login. At this time, CJA Services only works with Internet Explorer.

If you do not have an approved username and password, please contact the CJA Office at, CJA@cacd.uscourts.gov